How To Lose A Pound A Day [4 Simple Ways]

lose a pound a day

Would you like to know how you can lose a pound a day? This post will show you ways you can lose one pound every day without overstressing yourself out or doing any health detrimental exercises or dieting.

Is it safe to lose a pound a day?

Yes, you can, and that is only if you are not obese. If you weigh above 200 pounds I recommend you read this post.

But if you feel like recently you have added a couple of pounds and wish to remove it, then it is very possible to do.

What amount do I have to exercise to lose a pound a day?

Let’s go.

10 ways to lose a pound a day

These methods I am about to show you will let you lose a pound in a day literally. And that is why I am only going to provide you with the tips that will make you lose weight in one hour.

What I mean is, if you take any of these tips and use them TODAY, you will lose one pound.


That is why you may not see something like “don’t eat sugar”.

And even if staying away from sugar is a great way to lose weight, it is not a way that will make you lose weight in one day.

1. Exercise for one hour

Intense aerobic exercising for about an hour can make you lose weight in a day, and if you actually do INTENSE aerobic exercises, you should be able to lose more than one pound of body fat in one day.

This is a good way to lose weight in a day.

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You can do this all every day and in no time, you will be as slim and sexy as you want.

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What amount do I have to exercise to lose a pound a day?

These exercises would help a 150-pound individual consume generally enough calories to lose a pound of muscle versus fat: 5 hours of running for every week (10 min/mile) or about 40 minutes of the day. 14 hours of strolling every week (3 miles/hour) or 2 hours out of every day. (1)

2. Dance

Dancing is a type of aerobic exercise and because it makes you sweat if it involves using your whole body, you can lose weight every day with this.

Why do you think most dancers are slim?

Because they dance and dedicate their lives to dancing every single day.

3. Eat ONLY vegetables

When you eat food your body uses energy to digest those foods.

And when you now eat foods low in calories like vegetables, your body uses more energy than the vegetable can provide and hence you lose weight in the process of your body digesting your food.

4. Fast

Use the 16/8 fasting method to lose weight in a day.

How this works is that you et eight hours in a day and fast for the remaining 16 hours.

And the good thing is that the 16/8 method is the best intermittent fasting method out there because half of the time you would be sleeping when you are fasting.

So, that’s another way you can lose weight in a day.

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