Lose Weight | 11 Crazy Secrets For Weight Loss

Lose Weight

Are you looking to lose weight because of a wedding, or because you want to run a marathon, or maybe just because you want to begin to live a healthy lifestyle?

Each of these steps – apart from the first and second – can on its own help you lose weight, especially the one on fasting, but when combined with the rest, can make a massive impact on the percentage of your body fat.

1. Set Your Target/Goal

Before you do anything in life, let alone lose weight, the first step you should take is to set a goal for yourself.

You must know the amount of weight you want to lose.

And you have to be realistic about this.

You cannot say you want to lose 100 pounds in one month; unless you don’t wish to eat at all in that period… some people do it.

You can say you want to lose 5 – 10 pounds in a month and that will be a realistic goal.

Look at your level of discipline and how much time you are willing to put into it, will you have the time to do this?

If you’re an executive that leaves for work at 5am and comes back home at 11pm, you should set your goal around your schedule so you won’t burn out.

2. Be Determined to Lose Weight

Now that you have chosen the amount of weight you want to lose, you must back it up with determination.

I know what you might be thinking right now, “Is this a self-improvement article or a weight loss article”?

No, this is a weight loss article but in anything in life that is worth having, you must have the determination to lose weight or you will get discouraged when you hit a snag.

At the beginning it might seem like nothing is happening but you have to stick with it to begin to see results. If at the beginning you don’t see any improvements, don’t quit; just keep at it and you’ll start to see results soon.

3. Get up: Cut the Sedentary Lifestyle

Don’t be a couch potato! One sure way weight creeps up on someone is through sitting for a long period of time without any form of physical movement or exercise.

Not only is it that sitting down all day causes you to add weight, it can also have other unhealthy effects on other parts of your body, for example, your heart.

Now, standing up will not make you lose weight but sitting down will make you add weight; and while it is not exactly a weight loss method, it helps in keeping any creepy weight gain off.

If you’ve ever seen a real couch potato, what do they do the most apart from watch TV?

They eat… especially junk food! And when you eat all the time without any form of exercise…. YOU GAIN WEIGHT!

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So, if you know sincerely that you are a couch potato, make the decision right now to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down drastically.

4. Try taking up a sport.

When you come back from work, for the men that usually don’t have much to do after work and sit in front of the TV, go out for a 30-60-minute walk or go play tennis or squash.

Just do something physical before dinner.

Then you will reduce your couch time drastically.

5. Throw away all forms of Sugar and Junk food from your Home

Sugar is a major catalyst to weight gain and the sooner you get all sugary stuff out of your home the sooner you start to lose weight.

I’m not saying you must go cold turkey on sugary stuff, (Heaven knows I can’t stay without sugar in a week); but you should limit the amount you take.

You should also throw away all sugary stuff from your house because if you don’t, you’ll keep going back to it every five minutes and may not be able to discipline yourself to stay away from it.

If sugar is not in your house, you may feel lazy going outside to get one. Try making your own healthy food at home instead of buying takeout.

I would love to list the kind of foods you must not take here but I don’t think it is exhaustible, just make sure you don’t drink sodas and or eat junk foods.

6. Fast

Fasting is one of the best ways to lose weight fast, especially in one month. If you don’t do anything else in this pose and you fast from 6am to 6pm every day for a month, I guarantee you will so lose weight, you will be astonished.

But if you really want to lose that weight and your determination is more than your need to eat, then fast from 6am to 6pm for 30 days and see the HUGE difference.

7. Ditch the Car/Cab… Walk

I used to be guilty of this one. I’m very lazy I must confess. I usually want to do things as fast as I can and that includes transportation.

I would rather drive to field in 2 minutes than spend 5 minutes walking… that’s how lazy I use to be… or still am.

I’m not suggesting you do a marathon walk to a place that is 5-10 miles away, but if you are going somewhere you can walk to, do it.

It will help you lose weight while doing a whole lot of wonders for your cardio.

You can also walk around the block for 30 minutes every-day.

8. Eat some light dinner 4 hours before bed

Many people are in the habit of eating in bed or going to bed immediately after dinner.

This does not give your food time to digest properly and will form in your body as fat.

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I feel like dinner is the most useless meal among all of them; even brunch takes precedent than dinner to me.


Because most people usually do nothing at night.

We eat, and then sit down to watch TV or go to bed.

Basically, 90 per cent of people don’t do anything physical after dinner.

The only people allowed to eat a heavy dinner in my opinion are people that do night shifts.

I know you must be hungry when you get back home from work and that is why you should eat a “light” dinner.

Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger 4 hours before bed so that your food will have 2 hours to digest since its light, and the other two hours to start burning fat again.

I’m feeling like I go to extreme measures to lose weight but you have to do it to lose the amount of weight you want to in the time frame you have set for yourself.

When you do this, you will notice how light you get when you wake up in the morning.

This means you shed some pounds while sleeping.

Nice Work!

9. Stay away from White Carbs

Learn to stay away from white carbs like bread, potatoes, pasta, cereal, rice and other fried foods.

I know, some of these foods are delicious and it seems like some sort of punishment to ask you to get rid of these foods.

But we made a commitment in the second step, remember? Determination! You are determined to lose the weight no matter what it takes.

Sacrifice sucks! I know. But we all have to make some sacrifices to get what we want out of life.

Think of how good you’ll look in a months’ time, when you have to give your clothes to the tailor to reduce it because they are too big for you.

10.Go to the Gym (Exercise)

This one is usually the “go to” for many people. The fad is that, you want to lose weight, you go to a gym.

This is true to some extent but if you don’t adopt other healthy lifestyles, there’s no way your “going to the gym” will do anything for you. You won’t even have the determination to continue.

On the field once, some guy came there with his uncle.

Now this dude was fat (pardon my insensitivity), and the reason his uncle told me he was there was that he wanted to lose weight.

I told him that playing football will not help him lose weight if he continued eating the way he did. I’m not sure he listened.

But I never saw him again.

I had a friend who, every other morning went out to jog for about 30 minutes to one hour.

But he never lost weight. He actually gained more weight the last time I saw him. He later confessed to me that he would jog in the morning and later go on to overeat.

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So, the eating overshadowed the exercise.

If I’m downgrading exercise like this then why did I put it here as a way to lose weight? …Because it is a great way to lose weight when incorporated with other healthy lifestyles.

You eat healthy and you exercise.

That’s how to do it.

You could get some gym equipment for your house if you will feel too lazy to go to a gym.

The close proximity of the equipment will make you work out more.

11. Take up Yoga

Yoga is a great way to burn fat.

There are many yoga poses that can burn fat in your body and you should try to do a little yoga at least once every week to lose weight every week.

Granted, yoga is usually not a quick way to lose weight, at least not for me; but nonetheless, it helps burn fat from your body.

If you have ever attempted some yoga poses, you’ll notice that a part of your body burns.

That’s fat burning from your body.

It is a good way to lose weight and you can check out some yoga poses that can help you lose weight in the pose where I showed you the 12 yoga poses for weight loss.

Do you really want to lose weight fast?

Trying to lose weight without a PROVEN PLAN OF ACTION is like trying to bake a cake without a recipe…

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