Motivation For Weight Loss

Motivation For Weight Loss

Have You been Struggling with the Motivation to Lose Weight? 7 Ways to Get Motivated to Lose Weight. Get motivation for weight loss tips below.

It can be tough to lose weight. Especially if you are not motivated to lose weight. It can he an arduous journey. Which is why you are here; to learn how to get the motivation and willpower for weight loss.


Do you want to lose weight? How serious are you about losing weight? Why do you want to lose weight? Is it an obsession for you yet? What makes you cry in the bathroom, or at night when you think about your current weight situation? Do you want to end the pain?

These questions and many more like these are just some of the little nudges you need to fuel your determination and willpower to lose weight. You have to want to lose weight.

Not because someone said you should but because it is something you came to a conclusion about after long and serious thinking.

This is the only way you can have a determination to lose weight that cannot be quenched… no matter what!

Be Realistic

This is another important one on this list. In-fact, everything on this list is equally as important as the other because I carefully hand-picked these particular ones as a way to get you motivated to lose weight.

There are many ways to get motivated to lose weight. They can count up to a hundred different ways.

But most of them are derivatives and just plain dumb. This list is cut-throat and to the point.

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You MUST BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY! If you weigh over two hundred pounds and want to lose 50 pounds in two weeks you are just plain deceiving yourself and, in the end, you will be left with disappointments and regrets.

Set a realistic goal for yourself, beat it, and feel good about yourself.

The “feel good” hormone in your brain will give you the necessary motivation to lose more weight. Keep it simple! Succeed!

Then rinse and repeat.

Journal the Journey

You can be encouraged to SEE that you are not wasting your time as you are trying to lose weight.

Keep a journal of your CURRENT weight loss journey.

When you see that you are ACTUALLY making progress, you feel motivated to lose weight and that will only spur you on to lose more weight.

This is all because you can SEE what is happening to your body FOR REAL!


When you notice you are making progress in your weight loss journey, celebrate it. Go for a treat. Get some ice-cream. Don’t over-do it though.

When you do this, you will get more motivation for weight loss.

Expect Challenges

Don’t expect the road to be smooth at all! This is something important and something that will be tough… lets’ face it!

Challenges will arise. But don’t let them discourage you. Find a solution for the challenge and move on. For instance, if you notice – after weeks of constant weight loss – you get a little weight gain.

Don’t panic!

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Think backwards to a time you might have slacked a bit. Maybe you over celebrated your weight loss success.

Maybe you have been living a sedentary lifestyle recently. Or you may have had a few night snacks when you weren’t supposed to.

Look back at your lifestyle and I guarantee you’ll find reasons you did not lose weight.

You Will Mess Up…Sometimes

If you notice you have slacked a bit. Like I said above, Don’t Panic! Instead of getting mad at yourself or letting the little slip up discourage you, take a step back and look at how you can fix the problem and continue with your life.

We all mess up sometimes, it happens.

Get Professional Help

Maybe you have tried all these steps above and you still have a problem with getting motivated to lose weight, get a professional to help you. People react differently.

If the professional that motivates you is one that is gentle, then get that one. If you respond more to the fitness trainer that yells all up in your face, then by all means go for that one.

Make sure you find the professional that works best for you. You might want a male professional or like me, respond more to a female touch, do it.

Do you really want to lose weight fast?

Trying to lose weight without a PROVEN PLAN OF ACTION is like trying to bake a cake without a recipe…

You’ll only end up making lots of mistakes, a big mess and wasting a bunch of money buying unnecessary fads and untested weight loss programs.

If you are tired of fad diets, doing exercises that seem to show NO RESULT and spending money on programs that promise a lot and deliver nothing…

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I know this works because I have tried it many times because I like to eat what I want, whenever I want.

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I’m back.

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